The Academy

At Jordan United Football Academy we pride ourselves on playing as a team to produce
imaginative, entertaining and skillful football. We take time to develop and
nurture our younger players to ensure that they reach their full potential.

The beauty of Jordan United Football Academy (JUFA) is it puts all players on an equal footing regardless of their social standing. It ends the traditional coach’s monopoly on decision-making in favor of empowering the players to make their own decisions. Most of all, it focuses on raising confident, responsible citizens that excel in football as well as all aspects of their lives.

By guiding players through our extensive training programs, we have
produced few players and played in some of the local clubs like, Al Wehdat club (Ahmad Shamasneh) and in Shabab Al ordon (Mahmoud Zidan, Mohamad Adnan).

The training programs in our Jordan United Football Academy have been developed
based on the same principles of coaching in Europe top academies;
developing young player’s technical skills and passion for the game to
ensure they become the best players and athletes they possibly can.

Our programs have been running since 2010 and have given many boys
and girls the opportunity, whatever their football ability, to live, learn and
experience football coaching the United Way.

JUFA offers coaching courses around the year and to the following age groups:

Under 5, Under 6, Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 15, Under 16

JUFA aims to provide the quality and professionalism that is associated with Jordan United Football Academy in our Jordan community.

We recruit coaches who are qualified, skilled and passionate about passing on their knowledge.

JUFA will provide a platform for the youngsters in our communities to achieve their ambitions and we believe that developing our talented athletes is a vital role in improving the overall performance and playing standards of the sport in the region.

JUFA will, alongside the recreational programs, introduce advanced coaching programs that will be by invitation only, for the better boy and girl players in order for them to achieve their potential.

JUFA presents an opportunity for those who want to have top class professional, progressive coaching irrespective of their experience or ability. All we ask is that they love soccer and want to be part of the game.

At JUFA regardless of your skill level, our united coaches will help you develop to the next level, and hopefully one day to follow the footsteps of many youngsters who were drafted into JUFA Elite and be fully be sponsored by JUFA, where one day we hope to see you fulfilling your football dream playing with our club Uniao Desportiva Alta de Lisboa in Portugal.

For more information about our programs please email us at:

or call us at: +962-79-543-3320