Amman FC vs JUFA Match Highlight 31.1.2011

JUFA won by 2 goals to nothing!


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  1. Zaid Ramahi says:

    Esh ya coach lesh ma 7a6et el free kick tab3atee eli bil shout it tani

  2. Zaid Ramahi says:

    w lesh kaman ma 7a6et il slide tackle

  3. Coach says:

    My bad zaid!!! I had that clip ready for the video…It was getting really late when I was doing the video ( more like early morning 🙂
    No worries, soon each one of you elite boys will have his own highlight video…So top clubs around the world can see you boys in action!

  4. Zaid Ramahi says:

    hahahaha no problem coach

  5. Ali Dajani says:

    hahahahh It was a good Game Zaid wullah Wa7sh !

  6. samer almani says:

    cant wait for the highlights for every player coach 🙂

  7. Coach says:

    Soon Samer!